High inlet temperature dryers

General Details

OMH is synonymous of quality/performance at high temperature. It incorporates a dryer and aftercooler in a single unit; its strong point is that it includes all the latest technologies in a compact design without sacrifing perfomance in extreme operatingconditions. The OMH series was designed in the utmost respect for the environment thanks to the use of ecological refrigerant fluids and the choice of recyclable manufacturing materials. Compressed air treated with OMH dryer series guarantees high quality standards, conforming to ISO 8573.1, in fact they respect Class 6 for residual humidity and Class 3 for maximum concentration of solid contaminants.


Techical Info


 operating pressure  14 (16) bar
 operating temp. range  90 °C
 pressure dew points  7 °C
 flow rate  45 to 256 Nm³h


• high temperature compressed air systems

Technical data

OMH 03