Stainless steel air venting filters

General Details

AV stainless steel filter housings are designed to remove impurities from air which is being feed or exhausted from tank during changing of liquid level. To meet the required air quality appropriate filter element (typically AVF filtration grade) must be installed into filter housing. AV filter housing is also designed for sterilisation. Before use, if needed for the application, sterilize the filters.


Techical Info


 volume flow rate  to 310 Nm3/h
 connections  DN32 to DN80
 operating temp. range  up to 200 °C
 material  stainless steel 1.4301


• packing industry
• biotechnology
• breweries
• chemical industry
• dairies
• fermentation processes
• food and beverage industry
• pharmaceutical industry
• water treatment systems

Technical data

AV 03