Medical vacuum filters

General Details

M-VAC filters are designed for medical vacuum applications. They are optimised for high-efficient removal of bacterial and other contamination (solids and liquids) from the suction side of vacuum pumps preventing damage to the pump and the potential biological infection of the surrounding environment. Removed liquids are collected in a transparent flask which can be removed for sterilisation. The efficiency of the installed filter elements exceeds the 0,005% penetration specified in HTM 2022 for infectious disease units, when tested in accordance with BS 3928.


Techical Info


 operating pressure  20 to 2000 mbar(abs)
 volume flow rate  7,5 to 787 Nm3/h
 connections  3/8’’ to DN150
 operating temp. range  1,5 to 65 °C
 standard colour  RAL 9003


• operating theatres
• maternity units
• dental applications
• pathology laboratories
• pharmaceutical applications
• mortuary and post-mortem rooms

Technical data

M VAC 03