Heatless regenerated adsorption dryers

General Details

B-DRY adsorption dryers are designed for continuous separation of water vapour from the compressed air thus reducing the pressure dew point. B-DRY series dryer consists of two columns, filled with desiccant beds, controller with LCD display, valves, manometers, support construction and suitable filter housings with the required filter element. Adsorption takes place under pressure in the first column while the second column regenerates with a portion of already dried compressed air at ambientpressure. When the first column is saturated to a certain level column switch-over is carried out and the process of adsorption continues in the second column without any drop of pressure at the outlet of the dryer. Regeneration of saturated desiccant is possible because a small portion of already dry compressed air is decompressed andwhen expanded it becomes extremely dry. This portion of extremely dry decompressed air also called “purge air” is then fed through the saturated column in the reverse flow direction in order to remove the adsorbed water molecules from the desiccant and release them back to the ambient.


Techical Info


 operating presure  4 to 16 bar
 operating temp. range  1,5 to 60 °C
 pressure dew points  -40 °C ( -25 °C / -70 °C)
 flow rate 110 to 1000 Nm³h


• compressed air systems

Technical data

B DRY 03