MICRO CNG stations

General Details

CNG (compressed natural gas) filling stations are used for filling of CNG powered vehicles.In CNG filling station compressor compresses the natural gas from pressure of 0,02-0,2 bar(domestic gas supply system) to 200-250 bar which is used to fill a storage tank in vehicle.There are two different technologies used in CNG filling stations. Slow filling station use compressor to compress the natural gas directly into the car CNG tank. This technology is used in small fleet of vehicles that are not used constantly. In fast filling station the compressor compresses the natural gas to pressure storage tank. Compressing of natural gas to storage tank is made before filling of the car therefore storage tank is constantly full and available for fi lling. This technology is used in a larger fleet of vehicles and in public filling stations.

polnilnica CNG3

Techical Info


flow rate 5 to 40 Nm³h
storage capacity 280 to 1680 l


• Filling of CNG to passenger cars, vans, forklifts …

Technical data